one vintage vessel…

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…holds small pieces of golden flax paper* as an interactive installation which premiered during the members’ invitational exhibition at the jungian association gallery in columbus, ohio (january 16 – march 26, 2016), and which has more recently (may 6, 2016) traveled to maple heights (ohio) high school as part of a presentation for students in the school’s inner muse program.

during the exhibition and presentation, participants inscribed words or symbols onto the pieces of flax paper, then placed them into the larger vessel to mingle with others. inscriptions collected during each installation serve as inspiration for poems created by participants in the next.

the papers have been collected, scanned, and shared on this blog, here and here. the inscriptions now serve as inspiration for poems (a few poems can be found in the comments here). soon, a fuller selection of poems – by project participants, the artist, and site visitors – will appear in this venue and, more formally, on scribereproject.com.

soon, scribere will be installed at notre dame college in south euclid, ohio, as part of art books cleveland exhibition: 100, a component of octavofest, cleveland’s annual celebration of the book… and book-inspired objects.


*morgan handcrafted flax paper, curated at the morgan  conservatory in cleveland, ohio



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